20 Super Creative Movie Posters Recently

A movie poster is a very basic need of movie to promote it, If poster is designed with extreme creativity then it not only attracts the viewer but tells a lot about movie. The Hollywood understands it well and use the extreme creativity of designers to attract the viewer.

But most of the people don't appreciate the hard work of creative designers, generally people don't spend a bit of time to take a look and understand the creativity and innovativeness of their work, here we are appreciating their work and as well some of best creative designs are..........

1. The Age of Stupid

2. Terminator Salvation

3. Crank-2: High Voltage

4. Antichrist

5. From Paris with Love

6. The Eye

7. Jennifer's Body

8. Hotel for Dogs

9. The Broken

10. The Ugly Truth

11. Cloverfield

12. The Hurt Locker

13. Saw VI

14. Max Payne

15. Inglourious Basterds

16. Up (2009)

17. The Final Destination

Now see these Super Creative Movie Posters these are giving a message in a very creative way,
In words a message might not have so much impact as in a picture.

18. Blue Gold: World Water Wars

19. Fuel

20. Humboldt County

*These Posters are of 2008-09.

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