BROTHER - SISTER QUOTES | Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Messages - 2012

Sisters Quotes and Messages - Rakhi Special

Here some of the best quotes about sisters. Dedicated these lovely quotes to your special sister on this very special occasion of Rakshabandhan 2012.

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Sometimes we need to make some talks and thoughts standout, Don't you think it should be in Facebook status?
But facebook don't support these features.

But if you are using Google Plus and want to make you status bold, italic or strike through then you can easily do that. and can not use these in status update but can also use in chat, comment etc.
This google plus hack is same as G talk's hacks.

how to bold italic and strikethrough in Google Plus

To make something bold, put you word between two * signs without spaces.

eg. *Put you text here*
Result: Put you text here

To Italicize, put you text between two _ signs without spaces.

eg. _Put you text here_
Result Put you text here

to strike through
eg. -Put you text here-
Result: Put you text here

20 Super Creative Movie Posters Recently

A movie poster is a very basic need of movie to promote it, If poster is designed with extreme creativity then it not only attracts the viewer but tells a lot about movie. The Hollywood understands it well and use the extreme creativity of designers to attract the viewer.

Better know your Indian National Rupee Symbol - What is the meaning of it

Finally we have got our National rupee symbol, being an Indian we should know everything  about this symbol, The Symbol is a creative design by IITian Udaya Kumar, after preparing lot of scratches he submitted this design. and The finance ministry had approved this design, also declared prize money of Rs 2.5 lakh for the finally selected design.

Design is based on the Tricolour and 'arithmetic equivalence'. The white space between the two horizontal lines gives the impression of the national flag with the Ashok Chakra, the two bold parallel lines stand for 'equals to', representing balance in the economy, both within and with other economies of the world.

Udaya Kumar says "It was a challenge to design the symbol for the rupee. I made sure that it is simple, easy for a common man to understand, write and recollect,"

The Rupee symbol gives the essence of India, we can show it in following way.

How will you type the new Rupee symbol?

Ministry says that government will try that the symbol is adopted within six months in the country and globally within 18 to 24 months.
The symbol will feature on computer key boards and software so that it can be printed and displayed in electronic and print. like the Dollar sign($).

If you want to type the symbol in your documents you can do it very simply. 

  1. Download font by clicking here.
  2. Install the font. (It is easy. Just copy the font and paste it in "Fonts" folder in control panel).
  3. Start using it.
To type the Symbol type the grave acent symbol - ` (the key just above "tab" button in your keyboard) before typing it be sure you have selected the "Rupee" font from the drop down list of your fonts in your application and press the key just above your tab button. It will display our new rupee symbol. Try it.

How to Get a Google+ Account

google-plusGoogle's latest project Google Plus is out and lots of people are jumping in right away. At this moment, Google Plus is available as invite only. I have some invitations to give away.

Web Browsing Tips and Tricks

Web Browsing Tips and Tricks:

Use middle mouse button:
Use Middle Mouse Click to open a Link in New Tab
Some times we want to open a link but don't want to move from current page, in this case simply click with middle mouse button and then link will be open in new tab.

No need of right click on link and clicking "Open link in new tab".

And if you don't have a middle mouse button then hit left mouse click along with pressing Ctrl button.
Ctrl+Left mouse click.

Use Tab Key: When you switch from on tab to another then you can use your Keyboard in much efficient way.
  • Hit Ctrl+Tab it will switch to next tab.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab it will switch in backward direction.
If you mistakenly closed the tab: Its very often when we closes many tabs we close the tab which we have to read. In this case:
  • hit this combination Ctrl+Shift+T
Open a New Tab: To open new tab use this combination:
  • hit this combination Ctrl+T
Close a Tab: To Close a opened tab Hit this combination:
  • hit this combination Ctrl+W
Private Browsing(Ghost Browsing): Some times we don't have personal computer to surf internet, and we don't want that someone else get data what we surf and don't want save password.
then use Private browsing Feature.
  • In Google Chrome Hit Ctrl+Shift+N
  • In Mozilla Firefox Hit Ctrl+Shift+P
  • In Internet Explorer Hit Ctrl+Shift+P
Searching For hard to find Text: To find a text string in whole page:
  • Hit Ctrl+F and Enter what you want to search in opened page and hit Enter.